Why Are Most Conservative Media Quiet About The World Economic Forum And Its Agenda?

On the Wayne Dupree Podcast, we speak about this all the time, while trying to educated our listeners about this evil conglomerate that many feel control our leaders. But rarely do you hear top conservative podcasters or leaders speak about the WEF and their controlling agenda. It’s almost like they are afraid.

They want you to be mad with Democrats in Washington, DC but most of us know, the leaders of the swamp receive their marching orders from a higher plain.  Most of us have seen the World Economic Forum (WEF) commercial that proclaims, “You will own nothing and be happy,” with all the warmth of an Apple Store.

Although the sentiment in the video is offensive, not everyone finds it to be so. I believe we should consider why before assuming that all of these folks are brain-dead zombies. Some of them, I’m sure, are just slackers hoping for a free meal, but I believe there may be others who have other motives.

Why doesn’t everyone immediately disregard the notion of having nothing? Could it be that some people are desperate to escape the rat race because they are worn out?

It’s important to keep in mind that while evil is frequently adept at identifying issues because it produces them, its cures are almost usually considerably worse than the illness. Competition is an inherent part of capitalism, but has it changed over the past 40 years from the quest of happiness to the goal of status?

I watched several 1970s television advertisements, and the most of them were about community and family. Companies emphasized the superiority of their goods and how they might simplify people’s lives. I next watched some 1980s commercials. Most of these advertisements emphasized glitz and power. They frequently made mention of how customers would be seen if they bought their goods.

We have heard the word “aspirational” a lot during the past few decades. Our pursuit of the “best life” has been impeded by contentment. Having ambition is crucial. By keeping ambition in check with our principles, we may all live better lives. Unfortunately, prestige has taken the place of human decency in the Tony Robbins self-help book culture.

People were made to belong to a community, therefore we frequently act in ways that make us feel appreciated by others. Relationship ties deteriorate if we believe that we are only appreciated for what we own rather than for who we are. Antidepressant use has grown throughout this time, which is not a coincidence.

Although misguided ideals are not new to humanity, they have never previously reached the magnitude they have in America during the past 40 years. Although the corruption of our leadership has resulted in significant financial issues for this nation, some of them may have been avoided if we had more properly guarded our priorities.

None of us can claim ownership of our good fortune. Many people put forth a lot of effort while having little. We were given all we had. Numerous accomplished individuals have made important contributions to the improvement of their communities. But those driven purely by “self-improvement” left nothing but anguish and emptiness in their wake. We shouldn’t encourage terrible behavior just because we have a right to it.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) must be resisted, but without a shift in cultural values, our efforts would be in vain. The One who bestows our gifts will assist in defending us from any danger if we admit what we permitted to occur in our nation and resolve to follow a better course.

Klaus Schwab would be quite uncomfortable with this tactic.

Anyone anyone note how extremely affluent folks supporting the WEF agenda are and how they would profit from controlling more? Klaus Schwab has plenty of property. Real estate and other possessions I now hold are simply kept in trust for my children and grandchildren. The purpose of the homestead we have established is to provide my followers a better quality of life. My buddy started his company with the intention of supporting his future children. I’ve never wanted to be wealthy or in charge of others. Making life better for my family has always been my main priority. And if I can, I’ll try to assist others around.

Mr. Schawb might use a lesson in humility and what matters most to working class and middle class people throughout the world who are not politically schooled. Only the political establishment and career bureaucrats profit from his Marxist goal.

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