Latest Car Recall Move By Tesla Doesn’t Drive Confidence In Purchasing An Electric Vehicle

Due to its poor performance near junctions and inconsistent adherence to speed restrictions, the “Full Self-Driving” system installed in nearly 363,000 Tesla vehicles has been recalled under pressure from US safety officials. The recall is the most significant action taken against the electric vehicle manufacturer to date, according to the AP.


It is a component of a bigger probe of Tesla’s automated driving systems by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It calls into question CEO Elon Musk’s statements that he can show authorities that vehicles with “Full Self-Driving” technology are safer than people and that people hardly ever have to touch the steering wheel.

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At one point, Musk has stated that a fleet of self-driving robotaxis will be operational by 2020. The most recent step seems to postpone such development even more. Tesla will address the issues with an online software update in the coming weeks, the safety agency said in documents that were uploaded on its website on Thursday. Despite not agreeing with an agency appraisal of the issue, the records claim that Tesla is carrying out the recall. Up to 400,000 Tesla owners are participating in a test of the system on public roads.

According to NHTSA, the system flags unsafe actions like driving straight through an intersection while in a turn-only lane, failing to stop completely at stop signs, and driving through an intersection during a yellow traffic light without taking proper precaution.

Musk said on Thursday that it is “anachronistic and just flat wrong” to refer to an over-the-air software update as a recall. He now controls Twitter. A message was left Thursday asking Tesla, which has shut down its media relations division, for any comment.

According to the records, Tesla has 18 warranty claims that may have been brought about by the software between May 2019 and September 12, 2022. But, the Austin, Texas-based electric vehicle manufacturer informed the organization that it is not aware of any fatalities or injuries. Notwithstanding the terms “Full Self-Driving” and “Autopilot,” Tesla’s website states that owners must always be prepared to take control of their vehicles.

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