NFL Hall Of Famer Files Multi-million Dollar Defamation Lawsuits, One Against Former Teammate!!

According to the AP, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre filed lawsuits in Mississippi on Thursday, accusing the state auditor and two prominent sportscasters of defaming him in discussions about the misuse of welfare funds intended to aid some of the most vulnerable citizens in one of the nation’s poorest states.

According to the lawsuit filed against Auditor Shad White, he “conducted an outrageous media campaign of malicious and false accusations against Brett Favre—the Hall of Fame quarterback and native son of Mississippi—in a brazen attempt to leverage the media attention produced by Favre’s celebrity to further his own political career.”” Separate legal action brought by former NFL player Shannon Sharpe.

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On the Fox Sports talk show Skip and Shannon, Sharpe allegedly made “egregiously untrue” accusations regarding Favre. Without a doubt, Favre “stole money from those that actually needed money,” among other things.

Additionally, Favre claimed in a separate lawsuit he filed against retired NFL player Pat McAfee that McAfee had made “outrageous falsehoods” about him, including calling him a “thief” who was “taking from underprivileged people in Mississippi.”

In the lawsuit he filed against the auditor on Thursday, Favre claims that White has been “shamelessly and falsely attacking Favre’s good name” in order to draw attention to himself. White is accused of doing this through appearances on CNN and HBO television programs, a well-known ESPN podcast, as well as interviews with print and online media. If White hadn’t been criticizing Favre, none of these major media sites would have given him the slightest attention.”

“Everything Auditor White has said about this issue is true and is supported by years of audit work by the experts at the Office of the State Auditor,” said Fletcher Freeman, a spokesperson for White.

It’s bizarre that Mr. Favre wants a trial to be held to address that issue.” Freeman added that despite paying back some of the money the auditor’s office requested from him, Favre has labeled White and the auditor’s staff liars. He has also insisted that the auditors are lying despite abundant documentation demonstrating that he benefited from improperly spent money, according to Freeman. “He’d be better off paying back the full amount of assistance cash he owes the state rather than engaging New York litigators to prosecute this case.

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