Actor Baptized For Real On Set Of Upcoming Gospel Movie

Actor Max Ehrich got baptized on the set of his new film SOUTHERN GOSPEL because the experience had such a profound effect on his religion. Actor nominated for an Emmy portrays Sam Allen, a 1960s rock star who receives a second chance at life after an arrest and finds new calling as a preacher.

Ehrich admitted, "I cried when I read the script." I wanted this part so badly that I battled tooth and nail to get it.

As the actor prepared for the role and filmed scenes, his faith deepened.

In fact, "I was studying the Bible so much, and it really reinforced my faith intensely to the point that when the character got baptized, I actually, in real life, decided to get baptized," Ehrich said. That's how profound an effect it had on me.

Jeffrey Smith, the film's director and a preacher in Florida, baptized the actor Ehrich.

Ehrich went on, "In a sense, this film has stayed with me forever. My integrity and my faith just aren't what they used to be. Now that I've made this video, I have a much more solid foundation on which to further my mission of spreading not only my faith but also the gifts that God has given me through my art. Ehrich said that he found personal inspiration in the SOUTHERN GOSPEL's emphasis on atonement.

The actress said, "I knew that a film like this was really essential." "It's a picture with values and a lot of positive energy."

"It's basically about grace and forgiveness," he elaborated. The grace of God is what matters most.

When asked if he would be interested in doing future roles with similar messages, he said, "I would love to perform roles that are faith-based."

For musician Ehrich, "certainly effecting the style of music I'm making—and just me having more understanding of the impact that art has on society and how we actually can contribute," is how his faith has changed his creative process.

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