Actress Julia Fox Forks Over $450K For Brother's Release From Jail

In spite of the fact that Julia Fox and her brother did not have a particularly strong connection, she still offered a variety of guarantees in order to secure his release from jail. During a stunning raid on the New York City residence he lives with his father, Thomas Fox, late last week, the actress stepped in to bail out her younger brother Christopher Fox.

Several gun-related accusations were filed against Christopher. The police discovered firearms in the residence with no tracers. They also discovered 3D printers, which they believe were used to produce weapons devoid of identifying serial numbers.

If you don't know Julia, she starred in Uncut Gems headlined by Adam Sandler:

Drugs and chemicals commonly used in bomb manufacturing were also discovered during the operation. Thomas, Julia's father, 65, was arrested with his son, 33, but unlike Thomas, he was afterwards released and not charged with anything. Authorities are working under the idea that his son was involved without his knowledge.

A $450,000 bail was co-signed by the model and her parents (her mother still lives in Italy) in order to secure her brother's release from Rikers Island. Julia's help comes as a surprise, given that she has previously stated that she doesn't spend much time with or communicate frequently with her father and brother.

She used the term "mad scientist" to describe her infant brother once. Reports in The Daily Mail state that Julia used "assets" to acquire her share of the bond. The famous bail bondsman who rescued them, Ira Judelson, told the New York Post that Julia "seemed distressed" because "it is her brother."

On Thursday, the accused appeared before the judge, and assistant district attorney Cyril Heron outlined the charges against them and provided some background information on the investigations that led to those charges.

The defendant "bought at least 190 ghost gun goods, totaling over $7,600, all of which were shipped to the defendant's house" between March 2018 and December 2022. After a pause, ADA Heron carried on.

Further, more than $8,000 in cash was found. His purchasing history suggests that he has made and sold "ghost firearms," but the NYPD was unable to locate several of the goods listed there.

Furthermore, he claimed, "The defendant possessed enough gun parts to manufacture an assault weapon-style rifle."

Prosecutors said Christopher made approximately $345,000 from selling illegal firearms. Between April 2020 and January 2023, he left a paper trail of cash transactions in his CashApp account.

The Daily Mail reports that a source claims that Julia's father was "abusive" and "unhinged" when she was a child. Her father and brother have been accused of drug use and 3D printing, but she has no first-hand knowledge of this because she is estranged from both of them.

According to the same source, Julia has called her father "crazy" and that he caused her lifelong emotional suffering. She had always been aware that he would have to face the consequences of his actions eventually. She's relieved that nobody got hurt because of his vile behavior.

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