Biden Puts Fentanyl Crisis On MAGA Republicans

In a new attack on "extreme MAGA House Republicans," President Joseph Biden warned that if they didn't behave, families would lose access to food aid and 900 pounds of fentanyl would be allowed to enter the country from the South.

"Absolute MAGA The measures made by House Republicans would deny families access to food aid. It would put the lives of 1.2 million mothers, children, and babies at danger. My budget would put food on the table in American households and school cafeterias "On Sunday, Biden tweeted.

His remarks appear to be in response to the House Freedom Caucus budget proposal, which contrasts with his own $6.9 trillion budget that is almost certainly doomed to failure in the lower chamber. A counterproposal to Biden's plan has not yet been made public by the Republican leadership.

With a campaign against their proposal to freeze government spending at 2022 levels over the following ten years, effectively inflicting across-the-board cuts to a long list of federal agencies given inflation, Biden has been unleashing on the conservative flank in the House.

Biden warned that "almost 900 pounds of fentanyl" could flood the US if "MAGA House Republicans" got their way in one of his apparent barbs at the program.

"The Trump House Republican proposals would reduce spending for border security, which may allow for the entry of over 900 pounds of fentanyl. To safeguard the border, we require greater resources. not fewer, "Tweeted he.

Biden has long been criticized by Republicans for the escalating border situation. Border contacts surpassed 2 million last year, setting a new high. In response to Biden's jab, a chorus of conservatives emphasized his track record at the border.

"Republican ambitions to hire 18,000 Border Patrol agents were thwarted by Biden and the Democrats. Instead, they hired 87,000 IRS officers "The quick response director for the Republican National Committee, Tommy Pigott, retaliated.

The White House emphasized last week that there were issues with the House Freedom Caucus plan's estimates. According to its "five-alarm" reply, the plan's consequences include "endangering public safety, boosting expenses for families, sending manufacturing jobs abroad and undercutting American workers, eroding national security, and harming seniors."

The $31.4 trillion debt ceiling is the subject of a fierce fight amongst Democrats right now. Although the Treasury Department has taken "exceptional measures" to extend federal funding, those actions are expected to come to an end by the end of June. The country's borrowing authority will need to be resolved by Congress, or the government will be compelled to discontinue supporting essential programs.

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