Influencers Asks Trump Supporters To Refrain From Physically Protesting Manhattan DA

A whopping 85% of respondents to a poll published by conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson to Truth Social on Sunday believed that taking to the streets to protest the anticipated arrest of former US president Donald Trump would be walking into a trap similar to the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" disaster.

Is the possible demonstration over Trump's arrest a J6-style trap? 1,580 users with Truth Social accounts were surveyed. Watson called the findings "interesting," and she said that respondents who did not use the former president's own social media site would be even less likely to believe Trump when he says he wants to "take our nation back."


The 2024 presidential candidate gave the first indication of his impending arrest in a Truth Social post on Saturday, attributing the information to "illegal leaks" from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office. Since then, he has begged for help in a slew of all-caps messages, pleading with his supporters, "WE MUST SAVE USA! RESIST, RESIST, RESIST!!!

Another purportedly pro-Trump conservative broadcaster, Mike Cernovich, suggested on Tuesday that supporters of the former president stay at home "unless y'all truly want to become stars in a sequel to January 6th."

'Stop the Steal,' which began as a nonviolent demonstration against the certification of the supposedly false 2020 election results, became violent after hundreds of people stormed the Capitol building in response to a speech by then-President Trump. Many protesters died in the melee, and the group as a whole was characterized in most media stories as armed, dangerous, and a threat to American democracy even though the great majority never ever attempted to enter the building, let alone caused property damage or attacked government workers. In the two years since the march, more than 1,000 individuals have been meticulously tracked down and charged.

Conservative author and anti-Trump supportr Jesse Kelly reminded Trump supporters that the last time his largest supporters demonstrated for him, he left them all to rot in jail without giving them even a penny in legal fees. "DO NOT protest for this man in a blue area."

The DA reportedly discussed "security arrangements" with multiple law enforcement agencies before actually handcuffing Trump, according to stories that circulated over the weekend. But, Bragg's office has declined to confirm or deny that an indictment against Trump is still pending. Earlier this month, Trump was offered the chance to testify before a grand jury about the Stormy Daniels hush money issue; this formality is usually seen as a precursor to charges being brought.

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