Newsmax Returns To DirecTV With New Agreement

After being dropped by DirecTV over a carriage disagreement and accusations of censoring conservative viewpoints, Newsmax has just announced that it has settled its financial issue with the satellite provider and will be back on the air as of Thursday.

Mediaite reports that the reintroduction of Newsmax to DirecTV was announced in an internal memo sent out first thing on Wednesday morning. "This agreement comes at no additional cost to our subscribers and marks the end of a carriage dispute that resulted from financial disputes with Newsmax," DirecTV said in a statement. As Newsmax has acknowledged and accepted, "our goal has always been to provide Newsmax, and never about suppressing conservative viewpoints."

"The terms of the extension — which includes a multi-year distribution arrangement — were not divulged," a DirecTV official said.

"Our deal with Newsmax, resolving an all-too-common carriage dispute, highlights our dedication to bringing a wide assortment of programming and opinions to our customers," stated Bill Morrow, CEO of DirecTV. The free market at work is reflected in the fact that "through our relentless talks, we secured a resolution under mutually reasonable business terms" that will allow the conservative news network to be delivered at the proper value.

The "substantial sums" that DirectTV claims Newsmax demanded are at the heart of the disagreement. But the Republicans said it was proof that the left is being biased in its "cancel culture" practices.

DirecTV announced in January that they had been in talks with Newsmax about carrying the network's content, but that the network was demanding "substantial payments" that would have to be passed on to their large subscriber base.

Lauren Boebert (R-CO) expressed her outrage over AT&T's decision to remove Newsmax from its DirecTV offerings in January by threatening to cut off the company's federal subsidies.

"As long as you continue to ban conservatives and attack the press [networks like Newsmax], I will make it my personal mission to strip the wasteful outrageous federal subsidies you receive at DirecTV," she said on the House floor.

And to all the conscious businesses out there, know that this is not a threat but rather a promise. Congress will have to hold you accountable if you continue to restrict free speech in this magnificent country and muzzle the press corps. Boebert continued, "And I promise you, my colleagues and I are happy to take you on to safeguard free expression for all Americans.

Also speaking out about DirecTV dropping Newsmax was Republican Florida State Representative Matt Gaetz. There's just one explanation for the pervasive influence of the cancel culture in the telecommunications industry. Why? Because they disagree with what you're saying. You can't call it a business case. This isn't an attempt at entrepreneurship. It's censorship based on the material itself, and we need a multipronged approach to countering it, he said.

The Justice Department's antitrust division needs to look into this. The FEC ought to launch a probe into the matter. Gaetz argued that the U.S. House should "speak out loudly" against any attempt to limit Individuals' ability to use even the most fundamental aspects of the internet to access alternative points of view.

Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax, is relieved that the conflict is over. Ruddy made a statement in which he acknowledged and appreciated "Newsmax's unequivocal support for different viewpoints," including conservative ones. We are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that will bring our network to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and U-verse customers over the next several years. "As a standalone company, DIRECTV helped give Newsmax its start nearly a decade ago, and it continues to do so with upcoming news networks."

Newsmax will be available on DirecTV's streaming service and U-verse video service in addition to the satellite provider. The Wall Street Journal estimates that there are between 13.5 and 14 million users of these programs. Due to the terms of the deal, Newsmax will soon be available in more than 60 million households across the United States.

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