Rapper Responds To Community At Odds With Him Raising Bison On His Property

Rapper Rick Ross' bison wandered off his Georgia property and entered a neighbor's yard, the singer revealed on his Instagram story on Sunday. This individual records animals moving around in a person's yard in a video that TMZ was able to obtain.

The individual recording adds, "I arrive to the office and I pull in the driveway and this was outside. "This office feels like a home office, and look at what's in the yard," I said. I was really terrified. In the video, it appears that people are attempting to reroute the animals.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, a neighbor expressed concern that the animals could harm her children. She attempted to phone the police, who advised her that a civil conflict existed.

On his Instagram story on Sunday, Ross added, "For everyone that's wanting a statement and a response (about) my bulls, my cows, a couple of buffalos who got away in the neighborhood, this is my response: I always return stray animals." Ross urged the public to keep their pets collared.

You can tell it's mine because mine doesn't have a collar, he said. "Give my buffalo a carrot when you see it. Give an apple to it. They are extremely serene and friendly.

He also expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted in ensuring that his animals returned safely to the land, which he refers to as "The Promise Land."

I work with cattle, you deal with puppies and pets, Ross replied. I want to thank everyone in the neighborhood, Fayetteville, and of course my team. The entire squad made sure that all of our animals returned safely. Ross shared videos of himself on Tuesday feeding carrots to his horses under the alias Rodeo Rick.

Also, he shared a close-up photo of his bison, one of which is named "Timbuktu," with social media users. Ross instructed them, "Just tell him you're family" when they came across Timbuktu. Speak the words "I'm coming to show you love."

Later, while wearing a fur coat, the rapper also posed close to a bison. On Monday, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office shared information about the incident on Facebook without mentioning the rapper by name. Buffalo "decided to take a trip around Fayette County and see the lovely homes in the Northbridge Neighborhood," the sheriff's office reported on March 13.

According to the tweet, the office is collaborating with the Fayette County Marshal's Office to "remedy the situation".

The article stated that since last week, Sheriff Babb and Chief Deputy Rhodes have been in contact with residents of Northbridge to hear about their worries. "While keeping livestock (such as cattle, sheep, horses, goats, etc.) is permitted, the owner is in charge of keeping the animals appropriately restrained in Fayette County. The owner can face charges if it is shown that they were careless.

Authorities advised caution for anyone who encounters the creatures. The sheriff's office described the creatures as "usually peaceful," but they may also be unpredictable and dangerous.

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