Republican Proposes Legislation To Make It Easier To Report "Illegal" CCP Police Stationss

Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas, a Republican, sponsored legislation on Tuesday to establish an FBI hotline where callers could submit information about any illegal "police stations" run by the Chinese Communist Party on American soil.

In recent months, alleged CCP "police stations" have come under criticism. Late last year, FBI agents allegedly assisted a Chinatown office building in New York that housed such a business. It is one of more than 100 similar locations worldwide where officials fear illegal policing is being carried out. They are referred to as "overseas police service centers" by Chinese officials.

"The biggest geopolitical danger facing our country is the Communist Party of China. Any anybody engaging in monitoring, targeting, or eavesdropping on Americans while they are on American soil must face legal repercussions "In a press release announcing the measure, Marshall added. "Any CCP agent subverting American law and order will not be tolerated. We can take action and maybe put an end to the CCP's illegal 'policing' in the United States thanks to this hotline."

According to the proposed legislation, "the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall establish a hotline to receive anonymous tips about any person who is, on behalf of the Government of China or the Chinese Communist Party, surveilling, harassing, intimidating, or coercing another person, or performing law enforcement activities in the United States, including by coercing current or former Chinese nationals to return to China."

By adding another felony element, Marshall's proposal would punish such activities with a possible 10-year jail term.

His action coincides with growing partisan concern over CCP activities in the US. Recently, legislation has been suggested in Congress to impose restrictions on the usage of TikTok and to prohibit CCP-affiliated groups from purchasing farms in the United States.

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