[VIDEO] The Two Nigerian Brothers Finally Speak Out and Walk You Through The Entire Smollett Hoax

Well, the two Nigerian brothers who helped Jussie Smollett pull off one of the dumbest hoaxes in recent memory are finally speaking out, in their own words, and on camera about what happened leading up to the silly "MAGA Country" hoax. 

The two brothers appeared on Fox Nation, where they actually gave a step-by-step walk through of what went down and how disgraced actor Jussie Smollett orchestrated this entire so-called "hate crime" so that he could gain notoriety and become more famous as a victim of this "made up" Trump-supporter violence.  

He wanted to be the face of "activism." A modern-day Rosa Parks, if you will...

Daily Mail reported that the brothers revealed they decided to take up Smollett's bizarre offer to beat him up because they thought he would, in turn, help their career.
Speaking about how the actor consistently lied and tried to play innocent after the hoax, the brothers told Fox Nation: 'Insane. That's when I really saw a different side of Jussie. Like, dude, really? This is when I knew that this dude was like a super villain.'

The brothers revealed they met their then-friend Smollett an hour before carrying out the staged attack - and the actor later hung them out to dry when his web of lies began to unravel.

Both Osundairo brothers said they now feel 'betrayed' by the actor, who attempted to saddle them with the blame during subsequent hearings in court.
The pair slammed the Empire actor as a 'crazy fraudster' who 'to this day, has not come out to say the truth'.
'I thought he was a good actor, but I also thought this guy was a fraud,' said Amibola of Smollett's continued attitude toward the incident, which has remained unchanged since his 2021 trial. 

'This guy is really just sitting her, lying to these people. Lying through his teeth, and not caring,' he said, referencing how Smollett 'even shed a tear' during a now widely seen interview with ABC News in which he denied the attack was a hoax.

Calling the actor 'crazy' for his continued devotion to the ruse, Amibola admitted that he feels betrayed by Smollett for not embracing his guilt, and taking the fall as he and his brother were forced to do  'I did feel betrayed by Jussie and what he had done. I didn't know what to do - I wasn't ready to say anything. Like, I was mute. And I didn't want to say anything.'


But of course, Jussie Smollett didn't spend more than a few days in jail for this outrageous crime. 

It must be nice being a privileged liberal. 

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