Former Russian President: If Putin Is Arrested, Consider That As An Act Of War

In response to the International Criminal Court's (ICC) last Friday's issuance of an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, a former president of Russia and the current deputy chairman of the security council, has issued a stern warning that the Kremlin would view any attempt to detain Putin as an act of war.

On Monday, Medvedev remarked, "Everyone walks under God and rockets... It's entirely plausible to picture a hypersonic missile being fired from the North Sea from a Russian ship at The Hague courts." Pay close attention to the sky.

But, on Wednesday, Medvedev made a brazen allegation in a video message that any "arrest" would be interpreted as a declaration of war and effectively spark a third global war.

The current leader of the nuclear state traveled to a region, say Germany, and was imprisoned, Medvedev said. "Let's suppose - obviously this circumstance which will never be realized - but let's imagine that it was realized."

"Which would it be? It would amount to a war declaration against the Russian Federation, he continued. And in that situation, all of our resources, including all of our missiles, would be launched toward the Bundestag and the Chancellery, Medvedev said.

In reaction to Germany's declaration that it will work with the ICC to have Putin jailed should he step foot on its soil, Medvedev made his remarks.

It is unlikely that the arrest warrant could be carried out because the ICC does not have a police force, making a government Putin's only option for detention. The warrant does make it more difficult for the Russian president to visit European and other cities that work with the ICC.

While the present outcry is focused on Medvedev, Americans would do well to recall that a similar statement was made during the Bush administration a number of years ago, stating that if an American were ever detained and held at The Hague, the United States would invade the Netherlands.

Kiev also asserts that talks with Putin are now all but impossible due to the ICC warrant.

When the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin, Mykhailo Podolyak, a counselor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, claims that Putin is "an apparent international criminal," which "directly means there will be no dialogue with the current Russian elite."

The arrest warrant issued by the ICC for Putin seems to be creating more problems than it is solving.

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