WH Exhibits Anger Because Russia Awarded Pilots That Helped Down Unmanned U.S. Drone

The Biden administration criticized Russia for honoring two pilots who shot down a U.S. drone in international territory and claimed the pilot who did it was "at best, just an idiot."

The pilots of the Russian fighter jets who shot down the American MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea earlier in the previous week received official awards last week. The drone was kept from "violating the borders of the temporary airspace regime created for the special military operation," according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, made fun of the Russian government's heroic portrayal of the pilots during a Wednesday press conference.

During a White House press briefing, he remarked, "I don't know of any military in the world, another air force in the world, that would award a pilot for smashing into a drone." If it qualifies as bravery, then I guess different people define it differently.

The drone, according to Russia, was flying without transponders. U.S. officials don't know whether the pilot struck the other plane on purpose, according to Kirby, but "he did."

"You don't want to strike anything in the Navy, where I grew up, in any case. Whatever you hit will harm you, "said he. I don't see why a pilot who was at worst recklessly endangering himself and American property and at best just a fool would receive a bravery award.

U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Michael Kurilla stated last week that since March 1, Russian pilots had behaved more "unprofessionally" and "dangerously" in Syria. According to him, Russian aircraft have grown more confident and aggressive targeting American bases in ways that are not typical of a well-coordinated military force.

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