Wife Finds Husband's Body In Home Eight Months After Reported Disappearance

While looking for Christmas decorations in her home, an Illinois woman made a horrifying find. Jennifer Maedge discovered her husband's remains in a closet eight months after he vanished, per KTVI.

On April 27, 2022, Richard Maedge, 53, was reported missing. He contacted Jennifer to let her know he was leaving work early, Jennifer informed the detectives.

He wasn't there when she got home, but his wallet, keys, and car were. When they searched the house, the police didn't find Richard. They called it a "hoarder residence" inside of which there was a "sewer-like" odor.

Jennifer later called the police to report the smell, per KTVI. Seeing that the smell was the same, they carried out another search but were unsuccessful. A plumber sealed a sewer pipe in the basement, which seemed to have eliminated the odor.

Jennifer claims that she discovered Richard's body on December 11 in a storage space hidden behind a clothing cabinet beneath a stairway.

There were no other injuries or signs of wrongdoing, hence his death was determined to be a suicide.

According to the coroner, his corpse had passed the point of decomposition and his bodily fluids had dried up. The coroner's office claims that since bodies in this form may not have a distinct stench, it was more difficult to find the remains.

Given that the closet is hidden and the smell wasn't "overpowering," Jennifer claims she can understand why cops were unable to locate him.

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