Why Do So Many People Love To Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?

There are a lot of Hollywood celebrities who are really easy to dislike - most of them actually. 

And that’s because today’s elites are insufferable and clueless political and social activists who think their fame and money give them a right to talk down to us -  the little worthless “peasants.” 

In addition, the birth of social media hasn’t helped most celebrities who, without constant PR supervision, are making a mess of their brand and giving the public plenty of material and ammunition to mock and use against them. 

And one celebrity in particular is really disliked and many can’t quite figure out why. 

It’s none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s actually  been in the spotlight lately, thanks to her recent lawsuit win over a ski accident, and also because of her bizarre “bone broth” diet that went viral for all the wrong reasons.

In case you missed the original clip and her pathetic “explanation” of what happened after the backlash. 

It’s ironic, but you can’t help but notice how terribly unhealthy this so-called “health guru” looks in that clip. 

Gwyneth received a lot of backlash after the “diet tips” and that has led many to ask, “Why do so many people love to hate Gwyneth?” 

Well, good question… the BBC believes it’s a combination of things, starting with her clueless privileged attitude… Perhaps it's that she has effectively turned into a one-woman brand name: when she launched Goop, for many it became a kind of byword for a particular brand of questionable wellness guru, seemingly aimed at lithe white women with spare time and cash to worry about infrared sauna blankets  and "vagina candles".
As she has evangelised about chakra healing and $75-per-month vitamin supplements, Paltrow's high-end "yoga mom" spirit has overshadowed her film career. Even her exceptionally trim body, at 50, is another part of the brand: recently, she has spoken about a bone-broth diet which has been widely criticised as "dangerous". She subsequently insisted  that she has many days of eating "whatever" and "french fries".

There is something so absurd about Paltrow's image that it seems almost to transcend the disdain you might expect to be levelled at her for such flagrant unworldliness. To many, she's such a caricature of privilege, doing things that are so glossily removed from ordinary life, that she seems to have become a source of amused, even affectionate fascination, hence the amount of memes of her testimony in the witness box that spread around the internet and platforms such as TikTok.

I think the BBC nailed it. Americans are just sick and tired of these pampered, elite celebs, who know absolutely nothing about the real world, yet are telling the rest of us how to eat, think, vote and live.

Enough is enough… just shut up and act or sing. That’s all we need from you people, right?

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