“Kerosene” Maxine Waters Is Elated By Donald Trump’s Indictment

Rep. Maxine Waters is one of the few Democrats who has consistently maintained a maximum level of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the California lawmaker was especially pleased with the historic legal lynching of the former president by the fervently partisan Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and a New York City grand jury. 

The octogenarian Waters made a triumphant appearance on MSNBC where she bragged about being vindicated that the 2024 Republican party frontrunner was indicted in a case involving an alleged "hush money" payment to smut queen Stormy Daniels that had previously been written off. The frequently raving congresswoman, one of her party's cherished elders, had predicted that this would happen. 

On Saturday's episode of "The Katie Phang Show," which was part of MSNBC's extended coverage of the indictment, Waters spoke with Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post about the most recent developments in the long-running investigation into the bombastic billionaire businessman who shocked the political world by defeating the heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. 

Waters responded, "Well, I feel the justice is being served. Dropping the "D" word, which in the current era under Democratic rule has more in common with classical totalitarianism and outright communism than the traditional definition of the term which is now moot, the speaker said, "This president has gotten away with some of the most ridiculous actions, ah, I think he's violated the Constitution, I think he really does not care about our democracy." 

"And I believe that it is time for him to be held accountable so that justice can be done. This indictment against the president is merited. 

When the news broke, Waters gloated and praised Daniels, a sign of the moral decline in American society when a pornographic "actress" is elevated by the media and political figures and may serve as an example for impressionable young girls who risk being misled into entering a business that is notorious for destroying lives. 

"So Trump was finally charged! He would, and Stormy Daniels would catch him, I predicted! Justice can work in some cases! Tweeted Auntie Maxine. 

In addition, the congresswoman STILL has the following tweet pinned to the top of her Twitter page, despite the fact that it is now widely known that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was a "Big Lie" deserving of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. To true believers like the firmly entrenched Waters, an unwavering belief in the disproved conspiracy theory is comparable to religious dogma. 

Rep. Waters had previously stated to Capehart, "This president has behaved in a way that he does not deserve NOT to be arrested. He needs to be detained. Spoken like a true fascist for whom arresting political rivals is now as American as apple pie: "He should be indicted, and the charges that he's being indicted on are trivial in comparison to the things that I believe he could have been indicted on.

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