Bud Light Goes Eerily Quiet After Trans Backlash 

We haven’t heard a lot from Bud Light since they’ve been the subject of tremendous backlash after they paired up with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. 

Americans are getting really sick and tired of US corporations shoving progressive politics and social liberal issues down their gullets. Americans would love it if sports and corporations would knock it off and play ball or sell beer, and be done with it. 

But they just can’t stop using the LGBTQ agenda or supporting marxist group BLM. 

And as a result, Americans are getting more and more angry and a major backlash is brewing. 

And as a result, Bud Light has gone eerily dark. 

PJ Media reported the giant beer corporation has been silent for over a week, ever since it came to light that pretend woman Dylan Mulvaney was the pretend beer’s new spokesman. Since then, silence. Gee, Bud Light, aren’t you proud of your front guy?

Bud Light operates one of those fun, friendly social media accounts we see quite often from corporate giants these days. On March 30, it tweeted or replied to tweets over fifteen times, with messages on the order of “Win tickets to Stagecoach for you and a friend! Travel and hotel accommodations covered” and “Have a cold one for us.” On March 31 came twenty more tweets and replies, including “There’s still time to win beer money. 

Which women’s team do you think will win it all?,” and a reply to a well-wisher: “Bud Light loves you back.” On April 1 it was more of the same, but we haven’t heard from Bud Light since 8:50PM that evening, when it tweeted: “Beers on us? Must be game time. For a chance to win, cheer on your team with #EasyToEnjoySweepstakes in the replies.” That was the day that Mulvaney was revealed to be Bud Light’s new spokesdude. But isn’t Bud Light proud, like all LGBTQETC activists constantly insist they are?

It isn’t just Bud Light, either. The UK’s Daily Mail reported Sunday that “The famous beer also hasn’t posted on their main Instagram feeds since March 31 and have not posted to Facebook since March 30. Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has also gone without posting since April 1.” This is unusual, for “while they have gone a few days without tweeting in the past, the @BudLight is typically fairly active, as are their other regular social channels.” What could account for this? It looks as if it’s because of Dylan Mulvaney.

This could be one of the dumbest “brand moves” I’ve ever seen. Why would a company work so hard to alienate their customers by pushing a transgender agenda? 

Well, the fact that the VP of marketing is a woman who looks like the poster-lady for the #ImWithHer campaign, could be the reason why. 

Whomever came up with this “trans idea” should be fired. I don’t know if Bud Light will ever recover for this debacle.

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