Christian Chris Pratt’s Anti-Woke Movie Breaks Box Office Records

You’ve heard the term, “get woke, go broke” or Trump’s favorite phrase “everything woke turns to sh*t.”

Well, both are true, but sometimes it takes a really long time for the woksters to get a hint and change their ways. 

But it appears as if Hollywood is finally coming around and putting out movies that don’t have a “woke” message or pushing some unpopular social issue. Those movies have been bombing left and right. 

The change started with Top Gun Maverick — it was just pure entertainment - and as a result, the movie made TONS of money. 

I guess producers and directors finally decided it’s more fun to make money than make stupid statements that nobody wants to hear. 

And now another non-woke movie, from a Christian actor no less, is breaking records at the box office. 

Western Journal reported that A newly released animated movie starring Christian actor Chris Pratt dominated at the box office over Easter Weekend, setting a new all-time record.

On Saturday, reports began emerging that Universal/Illumination’s “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was on track to bring in $368 million globally in its first five days at the box office.

This would make it the biggest animated opening of all time, beating out Disney’s “Frozen 2” which previously held the record at $358 million.

Well, it turns out that the film has done even better than expected.
According to Axios (, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” raked in $377 million between Wednesday and Sunday, officially making it the biggest animated opening of all time, and making it the biggest film opening of the year so far, beating out Disney’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”

Here’s the trailer for the movie: 

This should not come as a huge surprise. The film is based on perhaps the most beloved video game franchise of all time, with characters that audiences of all ages are familiar with and love.

But beyond that, many people have pointed out that the reason that the film was such a success is that it was a movie that sought to entertain audiences of all ages, rather than a typical film that tried to indoctrinate children into leftist ideology.

I hope this shows the right that our greatest weapon in this culture war is our purchasing power. Just stop spending your hard earned money to support people who hate you and disrespect you. 

If we all do that enough, they will get the message.

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