Tens Of Billions Of Dollars To Ukraine Doesn't Go Unnoticed by Don Jr's Instagram Post

Donald Trump Jr. made light of the fact that former comedian and current president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will be the "highest paid actor" of 2022 in an Instagram post on Saturday. The Trumps have frequently decried the amount of US assistance given to Zelensky's administration.

Tom Cruise was ranked as the highest-paid actor in 2022 by the 'Daily Loud,' according to a screenshot that Trump Jr. shared of a Twitter exchange. A commentator retorted, "Really Zelensky was the highest paid actor," noting that the Ukrainian president made "$18 billion" in contrast to Cruise's $100 million.

"Checked out!" Donald Trump Jr. said. "Having stated that, I believed the amount to be $130,000,000,000.00."

The commenter's and Trump Jr.'s calculations were inaccurate. According to information from the German think tank Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the US has allocated roughly $113 billion for military, economic, and humanitarian aid to Kiev since Russia's military operation there started in February of last year, of which more than $75 billion has been dispersed.

The overall amount handed to Kiev when includes help from the EU and its individual members as well as US allies like Canada, Japan, and the UK comes to more than $143.6 billion, or almost 25 times Ukraine's 2021 defense budget.

As Zelensky visited Washington in December to request additional military assistance from the US, Donald Trump Jr. referred to the Ukrainian president as a "ungrateful international welfare queen." Meanwhile, his father has frequently charged that by supplying Zelensky's men, President Joe Biden put the world at risk of "World War III."

Trump has maintained that if elected president the next year, he would have a ceasefire negotiated "within 24 hours," partially attributing the fight to "America Last Globalists" in the US State Department and Pentagon.

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