German Parliament Member Wants U.S. Troops To Leave Country

Sevim Dagdelen, the deputy head of the Left Party's caucus in the Bundestag, said on Friday that Berlin must end its current "relationship of severe subservience" to America and its foreign policies, which are "marked by breaches of international law." The MP stressed that Germany must demand the withdrawal of US military stationed on its soil as well as American nuclear weapons.

At a parliamentary celebration honoring the Marshall Plan's 75th anniversary, Dagdelen declared, "After 78 years, it is now time for the US soldiers to go home." The MP, who is also a member of the parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, claimed that American military installations behave "like otherworldly zones where the [German] constitution does not apply."

According to Dagdelen, Washington utilizes its bases in Germany to conduct "lethal drone strikes" and wage wars abroad, some of which "violate international law."

She also questioned the routine NATO gatherings that take place at the US Ramstein installation in Germany and cover the topic of military assistance to Kiev. According to the MP, Washington holds these conversations "as if the Occupation Statute were still in effect," and Berlin also gave the US permission to place it "in the line of fire" by supplying German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

In 2010, the German parliament decided to remove US nuclear weapons from the country's soil, although Dagdelen noted that the weapons are still in situ. She continued, "We stand by our position: US nuclear weapons must be eliminated.

The MP referred to the US administration's apparent preference for obedient vassals over allies by saying, "The US administration gives the sense that they do not want allies, but loyal vassals." A true "friendship" should be founded on mutual respect for human rights and international law, the MP stressed, because "less and fewer countries throughout the world are prepared to accept this."

Of all the European countries, Germany is home to by far the most US military personnel. By 2022, there were about 35,000 American soldiers stationed there. The second-largest host of US soldiers, Italy, is far behind with about 12,000 US military personnel stationed there concurrently.

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