This Video Shows That Meghan Markle’s “Mask” is Slipping

Despite her desperate attempts to play a victim, Meghan Markle is continuously being exposed for the absolute phony she is. 

This video here highlights how Meghan tries to put on a good face, a "mask," while out in public. But you can see that mask fall away at times and her facial expressions show the exact opposite of the "happy, go lucky" appearance that she falsely presents. 

Watch the video: 

Clearly, Meghan is very calculated in how she tries to portray herself to the rest of the world. She's a master manipulator and she's hooked her claws so deep into Harry that now he's reportedly gaining an American accent. 

As reported by The New York Post, Prince Harry is using a “pseudo-American accent” and has picked up verbal tics from wife Meghan Markle, social media watchdogs have declared. 

The wayward royal, 38, sat down for two TV interviews which aired Sunday night, with armchair critics claiming the Prince’s posh British accent sounded somewhat different. 

“Has anyone noticed Harry’s pseudo-American accent?” one viewer asked on Twitter, saying Harry may have been faking his manner of speaking. 

“His accent as well as his ‘news’ is fake,” another cynic slammed. 

Others didn’t believe the Duke of Sussex was putting on an accent but believed he had picked up certain intonations and phrases from his three years living in America.

Call it what you will, but there's no doubt that Meghan has had a vast impact on Harry's character. 

Once a British royal with close ties to his family, Harry is now living in America, talking like a Yank and is estranged from most of his family back in England.

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