Meghan Once Said Three Little Words to Queen Elizabeth That Shocked Everyone…

It's practically a well-known fact at this point that Meghan Markle is not a very likable character and this response that she gave to Queen Elizabeth further proves how uncooth she really is. 

As reported by Ok! Magazine, the pair had a one-on-one discussion in which the late matriarch was claimed to have "warmly welcomed" the 41-year-old, adding that she said she was "so pleased Harry had at last found love."

Jobson detailed that the long-reigning monarch told Meghan to lean on Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, for support as she joins the notoriously drama-filled brood. 

"I've got Harry," Meghan replied to Elizabeth, and Jobson alleged the comment "surprised" the Queen at the time.

The book set to be released on Thursday, April 13, also described the brood’s controversy since the death of the centerpiece of the monarchy.

As OK! previously reported, Jobson spoke to palace insiders, who spilled details regarding Harry and Meghan’s relationship, as well as the prince’s behavior following the family tragedy.

"Some blame Meghan Markle for the fallout, ignoring the fact that Harry seems to be the driving force in everything that happened. There was a point when officials joked Harry was the victim of Stockholm syndrome, and he was Meghan’s hostage, but now most just feel Harry has turned his back on everything he has known," a royal aide revealed about the pair. 

They also recalled Harry’s actions following the death of his grandmother. The Duke of Sussex reportedly demanded Meghan be present in Scotland at the family’s heartbreaking meeting, although his order was hastily denied by King Charles III. Jobson claimed the Spare author’s petition "did not go down well with the family" and that the brood was "shocked by his behavior."

It's true that Meghan shouldn't take all of the blame for Harry's now estranged relationship for his family, you certainly can't ignore the fact that there wasn't this far of a divide before Markle came into the picture. 

And her snippy response to the Queen was probably one of many that were made to various members of the royal family. 

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