There’s a Very Interesting Reason Why Quentin Tarantino Movies Don’t Show “Sex Scenes”

Have you noticed that Quentin Tarantino movies don’t show sex scenes?  Well, if you’ve noticed this, you’re right, and there’s a very interesting reason why the famous director omits “sex scenes.” 

Basically, he says they’re a pain. 

Fox News reported that Quentin Tarantino suggested that sex scenes are unnecessary when working on his films.

The 60-year-old "Pulp Fiction" director pointed out that he includes barely any nudity in his projects because he said it’s "problematic."

"It’s true, sex is not part of my vision of cinema," Tarantino told Spain’s Diari ARA during an interview.

"The truth is that, in real life, it’s a pain to shoot sex scenes, everyone is very tense. And if it was already a bit problematic to do it before, now it is even more so. If there had ever been a sex scene that was essential to the story, I would have, but so far it hasn’t been necessary."

With popular films including "Kill Bill" and "Django Unchained," Tarantino’s movies lack nude scenes apart from "Jackie Brown" starring Robert De Niro and Bridget Fonda.

Tarantino made these comments while on his "Cinema Speculation" book tour and continued to provide insight to fans about his work in the movie industry.

I don’t blame him for not wanting to deal with all the hassle of “sex scenes.” Besides, it’s awkward when you go on a date and watch a movie with someone you don’t know that well, and it’s filled with sexy stuff. 

I think Hollywood should focus more on amazing stories and leave most of the sexy stuff where it belongs, in the bedroom.

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