Scandalous: Harry to Attend King’s Coronation Alone and Rumors Are Flying on Why Meghan is Staying Home

At long last, Harry has finally confirmed that he will be attending King Charles's coronation, but he will be going alone. 

That's right, Meghan, the disgraced Duchess of Sussex will be staying behind in California with their two kids. This is a last-minute and unexpected move as it wasn't too long ago that Harry was reportedly requesting that he, Meghan, and their children be allowed on the balcony with the rest of the royal family. 

So what changed?

Well, Megyn Kelly has a pretty convincing theory...

As reported by Ok! Magazine, Kelly tweeted "She couldn’t face the thought of being booed publicly. News flash Duchess: we’re already booing you whether you hear & see us or not."

Fans also took to Twitter to weigh in after Kelly’s scathing comment.

"She’s probably working on the divorce paperwork and subsequent 'tell all' book about Harry’s abusive systemic racism," one supporter added in agreement with the TV personality.

Many are saying that Meghan is staying behind because their son Archie's birthday falls on that same day, but that excuse doesn't add up. 

For one, the couple missed the RSVP deadline - if this was about the event conflicting with a birthday then why did they delay in responding to the RSVP?

And another thing to question is why there were reports that the couple was insisting that the entire family, including the children, be involved in the coronation.

Also, why couldn't they celebrate Archie's birthday in England with his royal relatives?

So there seems to be more to this than just Meghan wanting to stay behind to celebrate a birthday...

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