Tom Cruise Just Delivered The “Kiss of Death” to An A-List Hollywood Celebrity…

Well, if Tom Cruise doesn’t like you, you’re probably in big trouble and your Hollywood career or social life could be coming to an end.

Just ask Meghan Markel and Prince Harry. It’s rumored that Tom Cruise doesn’t like either of them - he supposedly thinks they’re disloyal for attacking the Royal family, and he’d be right. But now, Harry and Meghan are reduced to hanging out with Alec Baldwin and his 28 kids. 

Well, it turns out there’s another big name Cruise isn’t so keen on anymore, and this guy is a fellow A-lister, or at least he used to be until he slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars. 

Radar Online got the exclusive. They report that after watching Top Gun: Maverick soar to the top of the box office — and continue to score Tom Cruise praise during award season — a source spilled that Will Smith reached out to his old pal for help reviving his career following the infamous 2022 Oscars slap.

"Making a movie with Tom would be a major win for Will," said the source, noting his latest project Emancipation flopped this past October. "But, apparently, Tom hasn't returned any of his calls."

Tom, 60, and Will, 54, were once so close that the Mission: Impossible star attended his friend's TCL Chinese Theatre hand-and-footprint ceremony in 2007.

"Tom has been lying low in Hollywood, so he isn't about to publicly come to anyone's defense, even for Will," stated the insider. "The last thing he wants is to be embroiled in that drama."

As reported, Tom immediately pulled away from Will after the latter assaulted Chris Rock
 on live television after the comedian told a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

I don’t blame Tom for not wanting to get into the drama, but at the same time, I do feel sorry for Will Smith - what he did was wrong, but he’s apologized. I don’t think his entire life and career should be destroyed over one stupid move. 

Do you?

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