Hilarious Change Made to Tucker’s Twitter Profile Immediately Following Fox Departure

As you may have heard, Tucker and Fox News have parted ways very suddenly. Although this news came as a shock to many of us, Tucker’s future is filled with possibilities. He's been a warrior for conservative values for eons and we’re confident he'll continue to make huge waves - maybe even better now that he won’t have Fox News breathing down his neck. 

But let's shift gears and talk about Tucker's new Twitter bio because it’s really funny and it shows that Tucker doesn't take himself too seriously and is handling this transition in a healthy way. 

It's another classic example of Tucker's ability to inject humor into even the most serious of issues. 

Western Journal reported that did, however, remove his entire Twitter bio at some point on Monday afternoon to reflect he is no longer with Fox News, where he started as a contributor in 2009.

His previous bio facetiously stated: “Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist, graduate of Harvard College & Yale Law School. Frequent visitor to the Aspen Inst. Fully vaccinated. She/Hers.

The bio also had a link that sent visitors directly to his personal website.
It’s good to see that Tucker still has his sense of humor. There’s more to come from him, for sure. Can’t wait to see what he does now that he’s free!

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