We Now Know Who Will Be In Tucker’s Seat Next Week

Fox News is really taking a hit after they dumped Tucker Carlson. With their ratings tanking and losing over half of their viewers, things couldn’t be worse for the once-thriving network. And this has got the conservative crowd super fired up, thinking it's just another case of the mainstream media trying to silence their voices. Fox News used to be the place for right-wing views, but now a lot of middle-class folks are feeling pretty left out.

It's hard to say what's going to happen to Fox News at this point. 

They built their whole brand around catering to conservative viewers, and losing them could be a big problem. The situation is made even worse because so many of their former fans are now checking out the competition like Newsmax and One America News Network. Fox News really needs to figure out a way to get their old audience back, or they could be in some serious trouble.

And if they think this latest move will help them, they’ve got another things coming… we now know who will be taking Tucker’s place…

Western Journal reported that Fox News host Lawrence Jones will fill the time slot vacated by Tucker Carlson next week as the network relies on a series of hosts to try to replace its former top-rated prime-time star.
Page Six reported that Jones will relieve Brian Kilmeade, the first to anchor “Fox News Tonight” in Carlson’s absence and to sinking ratings.

Jones, 30, currently hosts the Saturday night program “Lawrence Jones Cross Country.”

“It is significant that they have chosen Jones to step up so soon after Tucker’s departure,” a person described as a “media insider” told Page Six.

Jones has not commented on the network’s decision to tap him for a week in prime time.

I wouldn’t want to be that guy. He’s being set up for failure. If I were him, I’d say “no thanks” and take off running.

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