Does Fox News Keep An “Epstein-Style” Blackmail Dossier On Its On-Air Talent?

According to reliable sources close to the matter, executives at Fox News are believed to possess a dossier containing potential compromising information on former employee, Tucker Carlson, in the event he chooses to publicly criticize the network following his departure.

This technique, commonly known as "dirt-holding," is not uncommon in intelligence operations and was allegedly employed by notorious child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, to ensure the silence of his victims.

It has been suggested that Epstein had extensive connections to intelligence agencies such as the CIA and Mossad, leading to speculation about the true nature of his operation. The fact that Fox News may be using similar tactics to keep Carlson in line has raised eyebrows and ignited discussion about the extent of the network's reach and influence.

Rolling Stone reported that when Fox announced Carlson’s departure on Monday, the network presented the separation as amicable. But according to one former on-air Fox personality, the anchor and some of the channel’s top executives are parting ways on “the worst” and “messiest possible terms.” Indeed, in private communications released last month as part of the Dominion-Fox lawsuit, the now-fired Fox host gossiped that one such exec “hates us,” claiming she was covertly working against him and other hosts.

The file includes internal complaints regarding workplace conduct, disparaging comments about management and colleagues, and allegations that the now-former prime-time host created a toxic work environment, three of the sources say. (Carlson is currently facing a lawsuit from a former senior booking producer, Abby Grossberg, alleging a toxic and misogynist workplace environment. The lawsuit details repeated instances of misogynist behavior at the network, including frequent lewd and sexual discussions of female guests and public figures. Grossberg “continued to endure a work environment that subjugates women based on vile sexist stereotypes, typecasts religious minorities and belittles their traditions, and demonstrates little to no regard for those suffering from mental illness.” Fox denied the allegations when the lawsuit was filed, saying the claims were “without merit.”)

But if Carlson attempts to torch the network he’s leaving, Fox is prepared, the sources say.
Eight people familiar with the situation tell Rolling Stone that Fox News and its communications department — long led by the notoriously aggressive Irena Briganti — has assembled damaging information about Carlson. One source with knowledge calls it an “oppo file.” Two sources add that Fox is prepared to disclose some of its contents if execs suspect that Carlson is coming after the network. 

These revelations are nothing short of alarming and leave many wondering about the ethics and integrity of such practices.

The situation begs the question: Will Tucker Carlson speak out against Fox News, or will the network's purported possession of incriminating information keep him in check?

Only time will tell...

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