Oops! Did Someone Forget to Save a Seat for Jill Biden at King Charles' Coronation?

Well, well, well, looks like First Lady Jill Biden had a bit of a giggle-inducing seating arrangement at King Charles' coronation on May 6.

While her hubby, President Joe Biden, couldn't make it for reasons unknown, Jill headed to Westminster Abbey to witness the royal affair.

However, it seems like the organizers weren't exactly rolling out the red carpet for her as they stuck her all the way in the back.

Oh boy, you can just feel the love and respect pouring in, can't you?

Ok! Magazine reported that of course, people couldn't help but comment on the situation. One person wrote, "Jill Biden is in the last row!" while another said, "Jill Biden in the back row. Love it! Stupid move by Joe snubbing the king, supporting the Markles, and encouraging their treacherous actions."

A third observed, "Jill Biden seated at the back by the toilets. Maybe they'd still planned for Joe to be there?" while a fourth stated, "Bit rude seating Jill Biden so far back isn't it?"

As OK! previously reported, Jill headed to the U.K. instead of her husband, President Joe Biden.

In early April, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked why the politician, 80, wouldn't be coming to Europe for the festivities. 

"The president had about a 25-minute, 30-minute call with King Charles III, during which he congratulated the King — I think we put that out last night — to his upcoming coronation, and they have a very friendly conversation," Jean-Pierre told a reporter at the time. "They have a good relationship with the King. He talked about how he enjoyed meeting — visiting — the Queen, I should say, back in 2021 — he and the first lady, at Windsor. And he hoped to visit again soon."

Clearly, this is some kind of slight against Joe Biden's notable absence from King Charles' coronation. 

How else do you justify the First Lady of the United States being seated in the back row on such a momentus occasion?

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