Tucker Gets a Standing Ovation at His First Public Appearance Since Fox News Fired Him

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his first public appearance in Oxford last Thursday, less than two weeks after being removed from his primetime television post.

The event was a charity function, and Tucker brought the house down with his speech. Despite recent allegations of racism by crazy liberals, the sold-out crowd was thrilled to see him and he even got a very enthusiastic standing ovation. His popularity is soaring. 

Just look how thrilled the audience is:  Yahoo News reported that Carlson was in town as the guest speaker for the annual fundraising event for Rainbow Omega, a faith-based nonprofit organization providing vocational and residential programs to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The organization had booked Carlson in the fall of last year before the latest controversies began to swirl around the television host and ticket sales had been slow until his firing last week — which led to a sold-out venue at the 1,200-seat Oxford Performing Arts Center.

Carlson did not directly address the issues surrounding his firing during his one-hour address but began his remarks alluding to his current employment status.

"I'm probably the first unemployed person you ever invited to speak," Carlson said getting a hearty laugh from the audience. "It's funny. I rarely give speeches because I'm working and when I accepted this speech six months ago I didn't realize how much free time I would have. One never knows, does one."

Carlson said he accepted the invitation "because I do love Alabama. It has everything that I like."

Tucker is a man of the people who was the voice of the middle-class, and that’s why so many people love him, and they understand why the evil establishment powers at Fox News got rid of him.

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