Garth Brooks Defends Bud Light, Has Nasty Message For Anyone Who Disagrees With Him

Here in America, there's a definite divide emerging: those who support Bud Light and its woke spirit, and those who don't.

Not too surprisingly, Garth Brooks stands firmly with Bud Light's progressive campaign, even in the face of intense backlash.

Garth has made it known that his new Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places, will proudly serve the contentious brand and your and "a**hole" if you don't support that decision.

From Whiskey Riff

The bar is still under construction and an opening date hasn’t been announced yet, but Garth has spoken in the past about how he wants his bar to be the “Chick-fil-A” of honky

“I want the Chick-fil-A of honky tonks. I want a place you go in where you feel good, you feel safe. Everybody’s got good manners. 

I’m hoping that there’s right when you walk in it’s a ‘Love Everybody’ stated right there. That’s what it’s about, right? So I want a place that’s just safe. That feels good.”

A couple of Garth’s colleagues with their own Nashville bar have jumped into the controversy, with John Rich announcing that he would be pulling Bud Light from his Broadway bar, Redneck Riviera, and Kid Rock famously taking aim at cases of Bud Light with a rifle in a now-viral video posted to social media.

But Garth revealed today he has no intention of following their lead:

“Yes, we’re going to serve every brand of beer. We just are. It’s not our decision to make.

If you come into this house, love one another. If you’re an a**hole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

Well, Garth, supporting a brand that shamelessly engages in virtue signaling is your choice to make, and it's unlikely to bring you any benefits.

We all know Garth Brooks is a strong liberal, so none of this comes as a significant surprise. However, his decision to stoop to name-calling is rather disappointing, even by his standards.

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