Wheel of Drama: Vanna White Played Role In Sajak’s Departure — We Now Know His Likely Replacement

Vanna White, the famous letter turner of Wheel of Fortune, and her insecure boyfriend are apparently part of the reason why Pat Sajak is leaving Wheel of Fortune and is likely to be replaced by Ryan Seacrest.

Having worked together for over four decades, Sajak and White share a strong bond, but as Sajak prepares to retire from hosting duties in 2024, tensions seem to have arisen behind the scenes. Donaldson, who has been in a relationship with White since 2012, appears to feel a tinge of jealousy due to some of Sajak's remarks.

From Radar Online

During a May episode, the hosting icon joked about hiding in White's favorite place to spend her free time: the serene garden in her backyard.

When she asked him the same question in return, he joked, "You don't know this, but it's actually your garden." 
The audience laughed as he added, "I'm usually there about two, three in the morning. Don't be alarmed."

RadarOnline.com has learned that White has been making efforts to keep Sajak and her main squeeze away from each other on-set, TV sources claimed. "She certainly doesn't want John hanging around the set when Pat makes his comments."

"Poor Vanna is trying to separate them as best she can," spilled the insider. 

Sajak and White have enjoyed a long-standing professional collaboration spanning several decades, while Sajak has maintained a successful marriage since 1989.

It is important to remember that remarks made during the show should be interpreted in the context of their roles as performers.

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