Feral Hog Steals 18 Beers, Gets Drunk, Starts a Fig ht With a Cow, Then Passes Out Under a Tree

It's amusing to consider that animals can exhibit behaviors similar to humans, and in the case of a feral hog in Australia, its behavior resembled that of a young college student.

Feral hogs pose a significant issue in Australia, and one particular hog managed to access and consume 18 cans of beer that had been left out by campers. Subsequently, it engaged in a scuffle with a cow before eventually collapsing under a tree, completely unconscious.

This scenario oddly resembles a typical Saturday night at any bar in America.

From Whiskey Riff

This crazy story actually happened back a few years ago, when it was reported that the feral hog managed to make off with 18 cans of beer that had been left out by a camper at the DeGrey River campsite in Port Hedland, Australia.
After he got good and drunk, the hog then did what the rest of us do after a night of drinking: Started looking for food. The hog went through the trash cans, digging around for a snack to soak up all that alcohol.

And like humans, it seems this hog also got some liquid courage after he got a few drinks in him, because he then apparently tried to start a fight with a cow (something the hog would probably know better than to do if he were in the right state of mind). But according to a camper who witnessed the scene:

“There was some other people camped right on the river and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow.

It was going around and around and then it went into the river and swam across to the middle of the river.”

At least he still had the sense to bail out once he realized he was outmatched – although as I mentioned, feral hogs are also a tasty snack for crocodiles, so he’s probably lucky he didn’t end up becoming dinner when he ran out into the water.

After his big night out, the hog eventually ended up passing out under a log on the river bank to sleep it off, and probably deal with the wicked hangover the next morning.

What a night.

You gotta admit, this is pretty darn funny. 

Thank goodness no one, including the hog or that poor cow were harmed. 

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