Harris Faulkner Just Dropped a Hint About How Far-Left Fox News Plans to Go

Fox News host Harris Faulkner faced criticism from certain fans of the network on Wednesday after suggesting that the company will be compelled to integrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda of the left into its business strategy.

The network is already facing a precarious situation, as it has witnessed a significant decline in viewership, with nearly half of its audience departing after the executives decided to remove host Tucker Carlson in April.

Following Faulkner's remarks on "Outnumbered" that Fox News may be left with no alternative but to embrace identity politics as a guiding principle in its business operations, more viewers expressed their intention to permanently disassociate themselves from the network.

From Western Journal

As she discussed the current backlash against Chick-fil-A, Faulkner laid no blame on the company — a longtime favorite of Christians and conservatives — for its public commitment to DEI.

The chain has had a vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion — Erick McReynolds — for nearly two years.

But his position and the company’s stance on hiring based on race, gender and sexuality have gotten attention now as Americans have watched formerly great corporations take “wokeness” way too far.

Per Faulkner, Chick-fil-A had no choice but to paint itself as a champion of DEI policies. She also said Fox News might be next.

“Many states are mandating it now,” she told viewers of DEI policies. “I mean, here at Fox — other corporations — there will be things they’re gonna have to change because the state of New York requires it.”

Certainly, Fox News retains the freedom to make its own decisions.

They are not obligated to adopt DEI policies, although it appears to be the path of least resistance for them.

Fox News seems to have given up the fight. 

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