Hollywood Actor Says He ‘Summoned Satan’ During a Filming and Paid the Price

Sometimes actors go to great extremes in their preparation for a role, and this particular incident serves as a prime example of that.

During a roundtable discussion, actor Damson Idris left his fellow actors astounded as he revealed the extraordinary measures he once took to immerse himself in a role.

While filming the final season of "Snowfall," Idris recounted a memorable incident where he delved into summoning darker forces, pushing the boundaries of his performance.

However, the consequences of his actions quickly caught up with him. The 31-year-old actor found himself haunted by chilling nightmares for an entire month, directly attributing them to that particular experience.

From TMZ: 

Damson says after failing at the scenes, he then went into the corner to drum up his dark magic, and repeatedly called to Satan, "Come on, Devil -- come to me!!!"

Fans marveled at Damson's character's transition and subsequent downfall at the end of the series, but the British actor says the conjuring left him with nightmares for a month and he even had to call his mother to "bring him back to life."

Damson claims the spirits were real and not to be trifled with ... a point Lil Uzi Vert also made a few months ago when we asked him about the Satanist accusations that were being levied against him.

Wow, it's disturbing to think that this individual has truly delved into something malevolent.

There's no occupation in existence that justifies jeopardizing one's mental well-being to such an extreme extent.

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