Snow White And The Seven Politically Correct Companions? Disney’s Latest Woke Experiment Could Be Biggest FLOP Yet

It looks like Disney is continuing their slow and painful suicide. 

Their latest live-action adaptation of Snow White is taking the concept of political correctness to an entirely absurd level. After facing criticism from Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, Disney has made the decision to discard the seven dwarves who typically accompany Snow White. Instead, they will now be portrayed by six individuals of average height and diverse backgrounds, with one little person remaining as part of the group.
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They are also making waves with their choice of casting for Snow White. The Colombian-American actress Rachel Zegler will portray the classically fair German princess, and Zegler made a point of informing fans in a now-deleted tweet that she will not be altering her skin tone for the role.

But that's not all; Disney is also eliminating Prince Charming from the storyline and shifting the focus towards a 'stronger' Snow White who aspires to become a leader.

From The Daily Mail

Ms Zegler previously addressed reports that the film was trying to be politically correct, claiming that the story needed 'refreshing'.

She said: 'People are making these jokes about ours being the PC Snow White... yeah, it is - because it needed that.
'Our version is a refreshing story about a young woman who has a function beyond Someday My Prince Will Come.'
The Colombian-American actress faced scrutiny by some critics after she was cast as Snow White, who was described as having 'skin as white as snow'.

In a since deleted tweet, she wrote: 'Yes I am Snow White; no, I am not bleaching my skin for the role.'

Disney's 1937 animated film follows Snow White as she befriends the seven dwarves while hiding from her wicked step-mother who later poisons her with an apple before Prince Charming wakes her from her slumber with a kiss.

It was loosely based on the 1812 fairy tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.

Honestly, these people need to get a grip.

Completely reinventing a fairy tale that was written over 100 years ago to suit the current political narrative is just cringeworthy beyond words.

At this point, Disney has truly become a complete mockery, and this film will most likely flop even worse than The Little Mermaid.

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