After 22 years Of Desperately Searching, Father Finally Finds His Missing Son

Twenty-two years ago, a Chinese man's 4-year-old boy was abducted while playing under the watchful eye of one of his neighbors. The neighbor, later recounting the incident to the police, mentioned encountering a suspicious man on the street who had set a trap for the boy and seized the opportunity when she wasn't paying attention.

Lei Wuze, the father, never lost hope of being reunited with his son and spent the past two decades tirelessly searching for him. His unwavering determination has finally borne fruit, as he miraculously discovered his son living in a city 560 miles away.

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Over the 22 years he spent searching for his son, Lei Wuze became friends with other parents just as desperate to find their abducted children. Seeing many of them reunited with their offspring gave him hope that one day he too would get to hold Yuechuan in his arms again. Despite getting older and feeling more tired with each passing year, he never gave up. Instead, he only tried harder in recent years, even turning to experimental facial recognition technology.

During the last two decades of searching for his son, Lei Wuze met more than 300 policemen, some of whom were more helpful than others, and visited hundreds of cities across China, rushing there for the vaguest trace of Yuechuan’s whereabouts. He always returned home disappointed, until this year…

Lei Wuze’s saving grace came from a cutting-edge facial-recognition software dubbed “Face Recognition 2.0 Prototype” by the Chinese press. It was used by police to find likely matches using an aging model based on photos of Lei Yuechuan as a child. Earlier this year, Wuze was informed that his DNA perfectly matched that of a 26-year-old man in Shenzen, over 900 kilometers away from where Yuechuan had been taken. A second DNA test was conducted, and the match was confirmed.

Interestingly, Wuze had been to Shenzhen several times, on one occasion even staying a few kilometers from Yuechuan’s home, but he always returned home

What an amazing tale of persistence and optimism.

This man never stopped searching and maintained his unwavering belief that his son was still out there, despite numerous setbacks.

Fortunately, he followed his instincts and persisted until he was able to locate him. It's nothing less than a miraculous outcome.


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