Black American's Weigh in on Jason Aldean's 'Racist' Hit 'Try That in a Small Town' - These Reactions Say it All

Jason Aldean's new hit song, "Try That in a Small Town," has been generating unbelievable controversy. Liberals are coming at it from all angles, with the main narrative they're pushing being that the song is racist and promotes lynching. This criticism stems from the fact that the video showcases Aldean performing in front of a building in Tennessee where an 18-year-old black man was hanged in 1927.

I'm sure Aldean's production crew for the music video was keenly aware of this when they picked the location...

This is clearly a huge reach by the left to demonize a music video and song that's simply about taking pride in your community and standing against unnecessary violence and destruction.

Moreover, their messaging, suggesting that this song is racist and promoting violence, isn't sticking, as there are countless black Americans all over social media who are listening to the song and struggling to find any racist and violent undertones.

Here's a few diffent viral videos from YouTube: 

And those are just a few examples. All over YouTube, TikTok, and various other social media platforms, black Americans are completely confused about why this song and music video are seen as so controversial. Not only are they not offended at all, but many of them are enjoying the song's message and bopping to the melody.

I love what that young man says in the first video, that if our society is trying to cancel a song like this, there's a BIG problem.

He's 100% right. There is a significant issue in the U.S. where if your message doesn't check off all the boxes that the liberal media requires, you're immediately "cancelled."

Hopefully, this song and its message can continue to open up folks' eyes to just how corrupt and twisted our media truly are.

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