Looks Like Garth Brooks is Doing MAOR “Damage Control” After Bud Light and Ukraine Scandals

Garth Brooks has really been running his mouth lately. The often-outspoken country star has stirred up plenty of controversy by choosing not only to throw his support behind Bud Light but also to call conservatives "a**holes." Then, to add insult to injury, he and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, made a video begging the American people to reach deep into their pockets and send money to Ukraine, despite the fact that our government is already sending billions of our taxpayer dollars to the country against the wishes of many. 

Well, now Garth is going in the opposite direction and doing something that will surely tick off the left: he's building a police station.

That's right, Garth is building a police substation for the Metro Nashville Police Department on the property next to his new bar.

From The Street: 

"Chief Drake today joined @garthbrooks for a great walk-through of his Friends in Low Places Bar under construction at 411 Broadway. As part of the renovation, Garth is providing the MNPD a substation in a building adjacent to his. We are so proud of this partnership!" the department shared on Twitter.

That's something many of the responses (at least the ones not making reference to the "Brooks is a serial killer" storyline started by comedian Tom Segura) saluted.

"So needed! Downtown should be protected by real Metro Police not the imposter police force for the Downtown Partnership," GHMama Tweeted.

And, while there were a lot of jokes related to Segura's mock allegations, there were some other people who asked the more realistic question.

"Awesome get drunk and then get arrested by the guys next door! Who the hell wants to drink next to a police station lol," Danny T shared.

"Who doesn't want to drink at a bar that shares a parking lot with a police station?" Arthur Dent added.

Segura's fans, for their part, have been playing to the comedian's act by flooding any post from Brooks or mentioning him with some version of "Where are the bodies, Garth?"

This is an odd choice, to say the least.

Seriously, who wants to go to a bar that's right next to a police station?

Who knows what the heck is going on in Garth's thick head these days...

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