We Now Know Who Demanded Jason Aldean Remove BLM/Antifa Clips from His Video… And You Won’t Believe it

Jason Aldean's latest hit song "Try That in a Small Town" has been under attack from multiple fronts. The liberal media has been closely analyzing the video, searching for any potential racist undertones. Additionally, CMT took the extreme step of pulling the music video from its lineup. Despite these challenges, Aldean's song has managed to remain at the top of the music charts.

However, there was a small victory for those opposing the video. Aldean's team had to comply with a demand to remove clips of BLM and Antifa riots from the video to avoid legal consequences. And folks giving Aldean the legal strong arm was none other than Fox News.

From Lifesite News: 

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that Aldean’s music video for his song “Try That in a Small Town” had been edited to remove footage from Fox 5 Atlanta. TMZ, which is owned by Fox Corporation, explained that Aldean’s team “skirted the rules and used FOX footage without permission.”

The production team reportedly requested permission on May 8, to which Fox News asked for the lyrics of the song to be sent to them in writing. However, the team only sent a link to the song, which was released as a single in May without a visual component, and then included the footage without going through the proper channels of approval.

Unnamed “sources connected to the music video production” further explained that Fox responded last week with a “polite ultimatum,” requesting the video be edited or face legal action.

The original video included footage of a BLM riot screening against the courthouse behind Aldean. Above the band indicating the footage was from Fox and a headline that reads, “State of emergency declared in Georgia.” Active fires and police cars can be seen as well as explosions. Although similar acts are still portrayed in other footage, all clips from Fox have been removed.

The updated version also excludes a brief dialogue between a man in a wheelchair who tells a news anchor if “somebody needs some help, you’ll get it” in a small-town community. However, the reason for this and whether it was a live news clip or was written into the video as a theatrical component is unclear.

Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec quickly posted the unedited version of the music video on Twitter, encouraging supporters: “You know what to do.”



Talk about a seriously petty move by Fox News, huh?

I mean, come on, making a fuss over a mere 6-second clip? It's just pathetic...

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