Theaters Now Scrambling to Add ‘Sound of Freedom’

Angel Studios, the creators of the unexpected indie sensation "Sound of Freedom," are witnessing an immense surge in viewership. The demand for the film has exceeded the available theater showings, prompting a need for immediate action.

According to an official announcement from Angel Studios, movie chains are swiftly addressing this concern by introducing additional theater rooms and showtimes. Over 450 new theaters will be showcasing the movie during this weekend's screenings. This also includes AMC theaters, who were wrongly accused of trying to suppress the movie. 

From Western Journal: 

“We understand there are rumors — predominantly in social media — that AMC theaters have made it difficult for fans to see SOUND of FREEDOM in local AMC theaters, and we want to make it clear these rumors are not accurate,” Brandon Purdie, Head of Angel Theatrical Distribution, said in the announcement.

“AMC has been an outstanding partner for Angel Studios,” Purdie continued. “[I]n fact, as a result of the movie’s performance and consumer demand, AMC has agreed to add additional screens for SOUND OF FREEDOM this weekend.”

Purdie said the studio and producers “are asking our fans to support AMC, and all of our other theatrical partners.”

He also added a plea for moviegoers to ignore the rumors and to mind their manners.

“Summer is the busiest season for people working in theaters, so we ask that anyone attending a screening of SOUND OF FREEDOM show kindness to their local theater staff,” he said.

“We have the best movie fans in the business. Let’s continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for.”

IIf you haven't come across the film yet, "Sound of Freedom" narrates the remarkable life of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. Homeland Security agent who left his position to embark on a mission to save children from the clutches of human traffickers.

This captivating narrative is truly awe-inspiring and precisely the kind of movie that ignites your passion for exceptional performances in theaters.

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