Chris Wallace Gets His

Tucker Carlson and Chris Wallace don't exactly see eye to eye.

These former Fox News hosts possess extremely different styles and cater to completely different audiences. Athough, I'm not sure what audience Wallace even has these days...

In a recent conversation with President Trump, Tucker didn't hold back; he straightforwardly referred to Wallace as a "fussy" and "b****y" little guy. Trump also joined in on the fun, criticizing Chris for his ridiculous demeanor during the 2020 presidential debate. He pointed out that Chris's outlandish behavior was evidently an attempt to embody his father, which, as mentioned, Chris failed at miserably.

It's quite evident that there's no love lost among Trump, Tucker, and Chris Wallace. 
From The Western Journal: 

While discussing President Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive issues, the conversation made its way to the 2020 presidential debate hosted by Wallace.

Wallace, a Democrat, long has been accused of having given Biden preferential treatment during the debate.

In regard to whether Biden actually is running the country or if he is a puppet for darker forces, Trump weighed in.

“Well, somebody else has to be [in charge],” he said. “I don’t think he’s capable of doing anything. Look, when I debated him, I said, how come? And this was in front of probably not a friend of yours, Chris Wallace. He was the moderator,” Trump said.

Carlson then cut Trump off to clarify that Wallace was “not a friend.”

Trump continued and theorized Wallace had attempted to be like his legendary father, Mike Wallace.

“I said, ‘Why is it he wants to be Mike, but he doesn’t have the talent? It’s one of those,” Trump said.

Carlson then laid out his true opinion of Wallace.

“B****y little man,” Carlson said.

Trump replied, “He wanted to be his father, but he didn’t have the talent. His father was great.”

Carlson again cut in to take another jab at Wallace.

“Little fussy man,” Carlson said.


It's not a huge shocker to see someone roast Chris Wallace like this. 

After the 2020 debate, I think a lot of folks wrote him off. 

However, even before that, he was likely one of the most insufferable hosts on Fox News. And that's truly saying a lot...

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