Is Gutfeld The Next To Go?

Fox News has been axing their top political pundits left and right since 2017 when they fired Bill O'Reilly. The trend continued with the recent departure of their top-rated host, Tucker Carlson. Now, folks are speculating about who might be the next to get the boot, and if the grapevine is to be believed, Greg Gutfeld could be in the crosshairs.

Rumors circulating at Fox suggest that Gutfeld isn't exactly Mr. Popular among his co-hosts on "The Five." Many have labeled him as having a "Napoleon complex." Apparently, Gutfeld isn't shy about knowing he's the network's star player right now, and his constant boasting is apparently rubbing people the wrong way.

From RadarOnline: 

The media personality, 58, stands 5-foot-5 and makes efforts to boost his height, network insiders claimed. "He acts like the cat that ate the canary because he's the best thing FOX has at the moment," a well-placed source said, has learned. "Everyone around him knows how insecure he is over his height."

Gutfeld, who co-hosts on The Five, won't stand next to "tall people in photo ops, and they pad his chair with pillows during interviews and broadcasts, so he looks taller on TV," said the tipster.

"He also puffs up his hair to give himself an inch, or two if he's lucky, and no one would be surprised if he wears lifts in his shoes like other vertically challenged guys."

Insiders said he's embraced his stature at home, even next to his wife of 19 years, former Russian model Elena Moussa. "It must be love — she wears flat heels around him," one tipster quipped in the National Enquirer report.

"People think it's ridiculous, but mention the word 'short' or any of its synonyms around Greg and it sets him off," they alleged.

Oh boy, Gutfeld seems to have quite the ego, huh?

Despite these rumors, Greg's show is one of Fox's top late-night shows, beating out many competitors by a mile.

If they're smart, they'll hold onto Gutfeld for as long as humanly possible because, let's be honest, Sean Hannity alone won't be able to keep Fox's sinking ship afloat.

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