James Woods Can’t Believe His Eyes Watching Shocking Philly Video - 'This is Unfixable…'

Conservative actor James Woods recently posted a video of Philadelphia on his X account, and let me tell you, it shows a pretty grim picture.

In the video, you've got crowds of people, a lot of them looking pretty young, just jumping, kicking, and terrorizing vehicles that seem like they're just trying to go about their daily commute.
What's happening in Philly, seriously?

Well, this video is definitely capturing some serious chaos down there. And you know what, data from 2022 backs it up – crime in the city has been on the rise, a lot of it getting tagged as violent.

Clearly, something's not right, and plenty of other folks on X chimed in about the sorry situation in Philadelphia:

"The thug culture has been cultivated, promoted, and celebrated for decades by the Democratic Party! This is the fruits of their effort."

"This is the result of several generations of people that were raised by the government and the Democrat Party (kind of the same thing)"

"Lived in Pa my entire life never been to Philly n will never venture into the Land of the Lost. I’ll stick to my little town one way in n one way out."

"Sickening. I’ve been living in Europe for a year and when I tell people in Germany what’s happening, they don’t believe me."

"Recently saw a video of a mob of kids; many watched while a couple beat on an old man then robbed his store. If kids this age could do that, and have no compassion, no respect for anyone, and no self control or any boundaries - they are almost certainly lost forever. How sad."

Plenty of folks claim that the decline of major cities like Philadelphia stems from Democrat policies, and sure, that's probably a big part of it. But there's definitely more going on.

The media, obviously leaning left, has a role, as do cultural trends and the gap between generations.

This issue isn't one you can just fix overnight; it's far-reaching and more complicated than we often realize.

Woods might be onto something when he says it's "unfixable."

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