This Current NFL Star is Bravely Praising 'Sound of Freedom'

The left, for some bizarre reason, hates the new hit movie "The Sound of Freedom." It's a film that tells the story of Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security official, who founded Operation Underground Railroad—an organization dedicated to rescuing children from trafficking and exploitation.

It's as if they're pro-child trafficking or something...

Therefore, when NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. posted a tweet praising the film, he received plenty of both negative and positive responses.

Here are some of the positive reply's Beckham got to his tweet: 

And here are some of the negative: 

Why do these people have to make everything so incredibly political?

This movie is about children and their safety. Period. That's it. 

Kudos to Beckham for not only watching the film but also openly singing its praises online. We truly need more athletes like Odell...

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