17-Year-Old Basketball Player and 16-Year-Old Cheerleader Die Suddenly

We're witnessing a strange epidemic in our country where young and fit individuals are inexplicably succumbing to unfortunate fates. It's as if you can't scroll through social media these days without encountering news of yet another youngster meeting an untimely demise...

Regrettably, we now have two more names to add to this ever-growing list. Caleb White, a 17-year-old high school basketball sensation, and Callie Mitchell, a 16-year-old cheerleader, both passed away unexpectedly earlier this week.

The medical circumstances surrounding Caleb White's passing remain unclear, but his family mentioned that he collapsed while participating in an on-court workout at school. On the other hand, medical experts diagnosed Callie Mitchell with a sudden cardiac arrest.

From TMZ: 

Caleb White -- one of the best high school basketball players in the country -- has tragically died ... after his family said he collapsed during an on-court workout at school on Thursday.

White's grandfather, George Varnadoe Jr., announced the sad news in a series of Facebook posts ... saying following the medical emergency, despite the best efforts of first responders at White's Pinson Valley High School and doctors at a nearby hospital, the point guard was pronounced dead.

He was just 17 years old.


From Outkick: 

A sudden cardiac arrest took the life of a high school girl, remembered for her exuberance and hard work.

Callie Mitchell, the 16-year-old high schooler entering her junior year, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at her cheerleading camp, which she attended as of July 24.

The popular Morton Ranch High School (Katy, TX.) cheerleader was at Texas A&M when the medical emergency occurred. Mitchell had to be airlifted to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Contrary to what the mainstream media might suggest, these deaths are not happening in isolation. As per a CDC report, an alarming 120,000 children have experienced "sudden deaths" after receiving mRNA Covid shots.

From Slay News: 

Just over a year on, the report, which was quietly released by CDC with little attention from the corporate media, has revealed that nearly half a million children and young adults have now died since the injections were approved for use on most children.

Over 118,000 of those deaths are suspected to be linked to the Covid vaccines’ side effects.

Despite the staggering death toll revealed in the report, it has been met with a deafening silence from the corporate media.



This problem is becoming harder for the present administration and the media to ignore. The figures are straightforward; something in this vaccine is evidently posing problems, especially among the youth.

It's curious, you know? When the swine flu vaccine was rolled out in the 70s and began triggering negative responses in the population, it was rapidly pulled from circulation. So why hasn't the same been done with the mRNA Covid shots?

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