[VIDEO] Deion Sanders Puts Reporter in His Place, Says We Live in 'Lying Society”'

University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders is certainly not inclined to take a "soft" approach with his team.

Sanders has faced criticism for his tough approach with his teammates, but during an interview with 60 Minutes, Deion put the reporter in their place and stated for the record that our society does not present the hard facts clearly enough to young people, and that we essentially reside in a "lying society."

From Western Journal: 

During an interview on “60 Minutes,” the former Dallas Cowboys star defended his tactic after arriving at Colorado from Jackson State of telling many of the players for his school to transfer out, something about 50 players would later do.

“You take a team that’s won one game, and you fire the whole coaching staff. So, who did the coaching staff recruit? The kids. So, the kids are just as much to blame as the coaching staff. And I came to the conclusion that a multitude of them couldn’t help us get to where we wanted to go,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that telling players that he would make life hard on them was a strategy.

“Now, if you went for that, if you were able to let words run you off, you ain’t for us because we’re a old-school staff,” he said.

“We coach hard. We coach tough. We’re disciplinarians. So, if you’re allowing verbiage to run you off because you don’t feel secure with your ability, you ain’t for us,” he said.

”I’m sure that your straight talk was appreciated by some. But, is this scorched-earth policy good for college football or for the kids?” interviewer Jon Wertheim asked.

“I think truth is good for kids. We’re so busy lyin’, we don’t even recognize the truth no more in society,” Sanders replied.

“We want everybody to feel good. That’s not the way life is. Now, it is my job to make sure I have what we need to win. That makes a lot of people feel good. Winning does,” he said.

Wertheim said he needed to “push back,” asking Sanders if he would want his children, who are college athletes, to be told by a coach to transfer.

“I’d say, ‘Son, you must be …  you must not be doin’ well,” Sanders said.


I personally believe that Deion is definitely taking the right approach here. Our society is often  too lenient with young people, frequently withholding criticism and necessary hard truths that are essential for helping us reach our full potential.

The "everyone gets a medal" mentality has hindered progress for far too long.

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