Experts Are Scared as Child Deaths Spike Sharply

These days, it feels like we're inundated with tragic stories of young children suddenly dying. What's bizarre is that many of these children aren't suffering from any underlying issues; they're simply succumbing to unknown problems and passing away almost instantaneously.

Now, experts are starting to sound the alarm. Ed Dowd, a former Blackrock asset manager and prominent data analyst, made a startling discovery after analyzing yearly death rates from the UK government's Office for National Statistics, also known as ONS.

From Slay News: 

The ONS provides the government’s official data for England and Wales.

Due to the UK’s vaccination uptake rates, the data from the ONS is reflective of many other Western nations, including the United States.

According to Dowd’s findings, death rates among children in the UK are climbing, fast.

The yearly excess death data shows the years 2020 and 2021 had negative excess mortality rates, at -9% and -7%, respectively.

During those two years, therefore, the death rate among children in that age group was lower than anticipated.

However, these child death rates spiked dramatically in 2022 and 2023.

This metric spiked to 16% more deaths among children than anticipated in 2022.

The figure has continued to soar into 2023, however.

So far in 2023, there have been 22% more child deaths than expected.

Dowd argues that the only possible explanation for this rise in mortality during that period is the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for this age group.


Well, there you have it. Many suspect these deaths are linked to the large rollout of the mRNA vaccine, but few experts will actually take the time to make the connection.

We honestly need more experts like this to reveal the truth, and perhaps then we can start to possibly find a solution to this problem.

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