It’s Happening: Homeless Camp Just Popped Up on a Beverly Hills Sidewalk

The homeless population has been growing out of control  in California, and it was only a matter of time until the epidemic began spilling into the wealthier areas of the state.

Well, it appears that day has finally arrived, as a homeless encampment has emerged in swanky Beverly Hills. Adding to the irony, the homeless tents are located right in front of The Altman Brothers' office, which is featured on the popular show "Million Dollar Listing" on Bravo.

From TMZ:

Fans of the show know folks like the Altmans have made careers selling luxury properties all across Los Angeles, so to have a homeless camp on display just steps from their business comes with some irony.

Photos taken Thursday show the encampment is gone -- we're told the city stepped in and had the camp dismantled.

As we reported, Jennifer Garner was spotted offering up more than just a helping hand to a homeless man in L.A. this week  ... offering him the shoes off her feet and getting a nearby photog involved to make sure he got what he needed.

The homeless crisis has gripped L.A., along with many other cities around the country.


Indeed, homelessness is spreading rapidly across the U.S., but it appears that no one wants to pause and question why this is happening precisely.

Is it due to drugs, politics, the economy, or a combination  of all three, with some additional factors added for good measure?

Nevertheless, the issue should be addressed instead of merely applying a small band-aid to this substantial, gaping wound.

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