Narcissist Meghan Markle Once Again Shamelessly Steals Harry’s Thunder

Well, it appears that Prince William isn't the only one who  makes Harry feel like the "spare," as Meghan Markle completely upstaged her husband at his very own event.

Meghan, who arrived late for this year's Invictus Games, oddly took the stage and stole the spotlight by delivering a strange, impromptu speech. People find the entire thing odd, considering that Harry founded these games back in 2014 and Meghan has virtually nothing to do with them.
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From OK! Magazine: 

"I did find it a little strange that Meghan gave a speech at one of these events, I know it was a bit off the cuff, but you certainly wouldn’t see that in the royal family," royal commentator Rebecca English pointed out when comparing the Sussex/monarchy way of doing things.

"If it was someone’s baby, the partner would always let the other person take the lead and shine. Harry did see a little bit like a spare part on the stage there," the expert added.

The Duchess of Sussex is not new to criticism that suggests she enjoys "stealing the limelight" at any and every event she attends. The former actress saw the majority of press attention fall on her when she made her first appearance at this year's staging of the competition, which Harry founded in 2014.

The Suits star showed up to the games late, and those analyzing the event accused her of fabricating a story to stir up a media firestorm and pivot all the attention her way.

"It’s so special to be here, and I’m sorry I’m a little late for the party," the Montecito royal shared with organizers. "I had to spend a little more time getting our little ones settled at home and get them to drop off."

Some commentators find the entire engagement between the fifth in line to the throne and his wife to be nothing but a pretense.

"Aren't you glad to see it? The Duke and Duchess of Cuddles in Germany for the Invictus Games," podcaster Kinsey Schofield dished.

"I mean, they are definitely putting on a show, but I think that it's more than wanting to convince people that there's no problems at home," the showbiz blogger continued.

It's as if Meghan just can't help but strive to be the center of attention at all times.

In my opinion, this speech likely served two purposes: it was a means for Meghan to #1 garner  more attention and #2 create the illusion that everything is still fine in her marriage to Harry.

Well, if you lend any credence to the rumor mill, their marriage is anything but rosy, and I'm certain Meghan's constant craving for the spotlight isn't aiding the situation.

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